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Romani settlement “Sicki Brod” is located in the estern part of the local community Sicki Brod, some 6 km from Tuzla to the west.

The available data show that the Romani community in this settlement has about 120 residents.

Survey was carried out with 50 residents, living in 11 households. 

This settlement has two persons who are employed, two are retired, four families live of collecting secondary raw materials and one family is living of social welfare and one of selling second hand goods.

There are 25 children in this community, of which 13 go to school.

Seven Romani families live as subtenants, and four families live in their own houses. Representative of this Romani community, our contact person, Atif Suljic, emphasised a rather difficult position of the residents, caused by inappropriate living conditions.  

Majority of the Romani population in the Sicki Brod settlement live in an old, dilapidated building of the Mining Squad, in very small rooms. 

They are forced to use joint toilet, bathroom and laundry, which are difficult to maintain and provide acceptable hygienic conditions, regardless of the large number of people.  Additionally, problems faced by all Romani people are present in this community too; unemployment and inability to acquire health protection.


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