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Romani settlement “Pasci” is located in the local community Pasci, some 6 km from the centre of Tuzla, to the south.

Based on the available data, it is estimated that some 70 residents of Romani nationality live in this community. 

Contacts and talks were carried out with 20 inhabitants who make six households and who are currently present in the settlement, are not outside of the country and do not refuse declaring as Romani.

Not one adult person able to work is full time employed, and one family lives of selling second hand goods at the market. 

Eight children belong to this community and three of them go to school. 

All Romani residents of this community have their own houses.

The representative of this community, Bajro Muratovic, says that the residents of this Romani community are not faced with any other problems, apart from the standard problems noted with all the Romani communities.


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