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Romani settlement “Pruga 1” is located in the central part of the local community Kiseljak, some 10 km from Tuzla to the west.

There are four Romani settlements within this local community: Bankerova, Pruga 1, Pruga 2 and Jezero, with close to 500 residents of Romani nationality.

There are close to 150 residents living in this Romani community.

Contacts and surveying was carried out with 88 inhabitants who make 23 households and who are currently present in the settlement, are not outside of the country and are not refuse declaring as Romani.

There are five persons with full time employment in this settlement. Three persons are retired, six families live of collecting secondary raw materials, one family lives from selling second hand goods at the market and one family receives social welfare. 

There are 43 children in these families, of which 15 go to school.

Twenty-one Romani families in this settlement live in their own houses, and two families are subtenants.

In addition to the usual social and economic problems all Romani people are faced with, the representative of this community, Salko Muratovic, says that this community is quite well managed and that it does not have other burdening problems.


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