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Romani settlement “Bankerova” is located at the north western part of the local community Kiseljak, some 10 km from Tuzla to the west. 

There are four Romani settlements within this local community: Bankerova, Pruga 1, Pruga 2 and Jezero, with close to 500 residents of Romani nationality. 

Available data shows that the Romani community in this settlement has around 100 people.  Data from 78 respondents living in 18 households have been analysed. 

They do not refuse declaring as Romani.  

It is assumed that the others are outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

None of the residents of this settlement has a steady job. 

Some of the families provide funds for life through collection of secondary raw materials. There are 43 children living in the settlement, of which 20 go to school.

Six Romani families live in their own houses, three are subtenants, and nine families live in temporary housing units.  

Representative of this Romani community, Zlatan Omerovic, pointed out that in addition to problems all Romani citizens are faced with, like unemployment and health insurance, the largest problem of this settlement is a very poor infrastructure, which is seen in: unfinished roads, non-existing sewerage network and poor living conditions.


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