About Us

Citizens’ Association ”Artsinteza” was founded in 2010 to assist the development of culture and arts, in local community, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the whole region.


Basic area of operation of “Artsinteza” is:


  • Affirmation of cultural values of Bosnia and Herzegovina and artistic creation in this domain,
  • Protection of dignity of artists and cultural workers,
  • Organization of cultural and artistic events, workshops, parties, expert meetings and counseling in matters of culture and society.
  • Participation in organization of publishing of drama and theater plays, written works on acting, puppetry, theatre, movie, music and other publications related to culture and arts in general,
  • Intercession in forming and implementation of cultural agenda, through the Government and other organizations, and in accordance with the Association’s goals
  • Encouragement and participation in development of professional and collegial relations amongst members and cultural workers in general,
  • Engaging, proposing and participating in creation of programs within arts, culture and society in general, as well as offering expert, technical, and other types of assistance to other artistic and associations and organizations in realization of events;
  • Cooperation with artistic and other associations and organizations in culture domain, within the country and abroad, and in accordance with the Law.


During the period of Citizens‘ Association “Artsinteza” existence, it has been the chief organizer of a number of cultural events, publisher and co-publisher of many publications.

It has established cooperation with Ministries of Culture on all levels of Government, in Tuzla, as well as entire area of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also with Citizens’ Associations with culture as their primary activity.


We should especially emphasize cooperation with Federal Ministry of Culture Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Egypt, as well as prestigious galleries and museums in the country and abroad.


During implementations of these events Citizens’ Association “Artsinteza” has, engaged foreign and domestic prestigious cultural and public workers: arts historians, arts critics, musicians, artists, publishers, journalists, designers, as associates.