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Romani settlement “Musinac” is located in the area of the local community Mosnik.

The settlement is located at the southern part of the city, some 2 km away from the centre of Tuzla.

It is estimated that some 130 residents live in this Romani community. 

We were able to contact and speak to 28 residents, who make up nine households.

Those ones were present in the settlement and did not refuse to declare as Romani.

Among the working-age adults, only one has a full time job and employment status.

One person is retired.  Two families live of selling second hand goods at the market.  

There are eight children in this community, of which three go to school.

Four Romani families live as subtenants, and five families have their own houses. Representative of the Musinac Romani settlement, Osman Biberovic, emphasised everyday problems faced by members of all these households, i.e. irregular water and electricity supply. In addition to these, the community is pressured by the well known problems of all Romani people; huge unemployment and inability to acquire health protection.


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