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Romani settlement “Ljubace” is located in the western part of the local community Ljubace, in small village of Breza, 8 km from Tuzla, to the south.

According to the available data, there are close to 60 residents of Romani nationality living in this community. 

Contacts and talks were carried out with 26 inhabitants who make 6 households and who are currently present in the settlement, are not outside of the country and do not refuse declaring as Romani. 

None of the adults is employed. 

Five families live of collecting secondary raw materials, one family lives of selling second hand goods at the market.  

There are 8 children in this community, of which 4 go to school.

All the Romani people living in the Ljubace settlement have their own houses and live there.  In addition to problems faced by all Romani people, like unemployment and health protection, Serif Aganovic, representative of this community, told us that the largest problems of the residents of this community include unsolved road communication and inability of a large number of households to become connected to the sewerage network.


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