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Romani settlement “Pruga 2” is located in the northern part of the local community Kiseljak, some 10 km from Tuzla to the west.

There are four Romani settlements within this local community: Bankerova, Pruga 1, Pruga 2 and Jezero, with close to 500 residents of Romani nationality.

According to the available data, the Romani community in this settlement is made of about 50 residents. 

The data collected through the survey contains responses from 23 inhabitants from five households.

One person has a full time job and two are retired. 

Two families live from selling second hand goods at the market, and one family lives receives support from physical labour.  

There are 13 children in this community, of which five go to school.

All of the families in the Romani settlement Pruga 2 have housing and own houses.  According to Riza Tahirovic, our contact person in this settlement, in addition to the problems all Romani are faced with, like unemployment and health protection, this settlement does not have any larger problems.


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