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In the north-western part of Tuzla, local community Husino, some 6 km away from the city centre, there is Romani settlement.

During mapping of this Romani community, based on the available data, we can estimate that there is close to 95 residents living here. 

Contact and survey was made with 29 residents, who were present in the settlement and did not refuse to declare as Romani during our visit to the community. 

They are members of eight households with 14 children in total. 

Five of these children go to school. 

None of the adults, working-age person, is employed. 

All the households make income through sale of second hand goods. 

All of them have their own houses.

The contact person for this Romani community, Emina Mrsic, emphasised that the residents of this settlement are not faced with larger problems, apart from the fundamental problems of all Romani people, which need to be solved in a systematic manner, i.e. Unemployment and right to health protection.


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