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The target group of the EREBU project is Romani population. Today, they are the most numerous and most threatened national minority in both entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Project activities are based on promotion and preserving of the culture and tradition of the Romani people.  Specific focus is placed on fostering historical, cultural and traditional values, which present the identity of the Romani people.

During the first year of the project, a number of cultural and educational programmes were organised:  creative workshops, exhibitions, concerts and mapping of Romani communities in the area of the City of Tuzla, which presents a very significant and demanding segment of this project. We have established communication with similar NGOs, either Romani or those working on the Romani issues, whose field of operations include culture and education. We have also made intercultural cooperation with the Romani Cultural Centre from Belgrade.

In longer term, project activities of the EREBU will influence development of awareness among the Romani population on the need to preserve their culture, language, traditions and to initiate acquiring of knowledge through educational processes.  This will have a significant impact on their successful integration within the community and their increased participation in development related to their needs.

Though the cultural and artistic programmes, the EREBU project will link regional NGOs promoting Romani culture and it will improve intercultural cooperation.

Significant support in implementaion of the NGO Artsinteza’s EREBU project was received from the Swedish partners Folkets Hus och Parker and Olof Palme International Centre.