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Local community “Bukinje” is some 5 km away from Tuzla, to the west. 

In the centre of this community, there is a Romani settlement with about 70 residents.  

Out of the total number of residents, we were able to contact and speak to 26 residents, who make up six households, who were not outside the country and did not refuse to declare as Romani. 

Out of the interviewed, adult residents, no one is employed and one family lives of collecting secondary raw materials. 

There are 9 children in this community, of which two go to school.

Five Romani families live as subtenants, and one family lives in their own house.

The representative of this Romani community, Atifa Suljic, emphasised a very difficult housing problem faced by the residents of this community. 

In addition to unemployment, inability to acquire health protection, the residents are deprived of the elementary living conditions. 

The majority of the Romani residents of this community live in an old, dilapidated structure, without electricity and water supply. 

Due to unsolved problems over waste water disposal, the residents of this dilapidated housing unit are exposed to bad smell and source of disease on daily basis. 

These persisting problems have not become the subject of interest of the local community and no attempt to solve them in full or partially have been made.


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