Bellydance Evolution will perform in Tuzla


Artsinteza presents for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region Bellydance Evolution, greatest oriental dance show in the world. Show will take place in Bosnian Cultural Center Tuzla 6th of May.

Bellydance Evolution will present to the audience their newest show “Fantasm – Odyssey of Dreams”.

Bellydance Evolution is a world-class dance show, featuring top artists in the field of Middle Eastern dance & music created in 2009 by World Renowned Choreographer Jillina Carlano.

Bellydance Evolution did four dance productions; Immortal Desires, Dark Side of the Crown, Alice in Wonderland and Fantasm – Odyssey of Dreams with whom they have had great success. Bellydance Evolution is Hollywood production which makes revolution combining oriental dance with modern dance styles specific for western culture. They become most successful oriental dance troupe of all times.

Paul Dinletir creates music for all Bellydance Evolution productions. To create his signature sound, Paul records with the world’s top orchestras and musicians in exclusive spaces such as Skywalker Ranch and Air Studios of London. He has composed exclusive music for blockbuster campaigns. BDE has performed to sold out crowds in over thirty (30) different countries spanning North & South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Bellydance Evolution explores, celebrates and re-imagines Middle Eastern dance for the 21st century. By fusing belly dance with dance forms more specific to the West, Bellydance Evolution takes you on a spectacular journey that will excite both mainstream audiences and belly dance enthusiasts. The mission – bringing awareness of Middle Eastern dance’s rich diversity and artistic validity – unfolds in the work of the Company and its Education and Residency programs. Together, these initiatives celebrate the dynamic aesthetic of Middle Eastern dance, culture and creativity.  And in so doing, Bellydance Evolution shares the joy of dance with all communities.




Fantasm – Odyssey of Dreams

Powerful King Shahriar (Ruslan Kurlovich) discovers that his wife has been unfaithful to him. In a fit of rage, he resolves to marry a new wife each night and kills her the following morning, so that she would have no chance to be unfaithful to him. He continues until he meets Scheherazade (Margarita Kamjaka) who each night tells the king of the grand adventures of Sinbad (Heather Aued). The King is so enthralled, that he spares Scheherazade each morning so that he may hear more of her stories. During the day, Scheherazade consults the wise women (Sharon Kihara, Jillina Carlano) to gain their help in curing the King of his insanity and restoring peace to the Kingdom.