Meeting with partners from Sweden – representatives of “OPC” and “FHP”

Meeting with the representatives of the “Olof Palme International Center” and “Folkets Hus och Parker”


Meeting with the representatives of the "Olof Palme Center" and "Folkets Hus och Parker"


In order to collect data for the application for project “EREBU”, during the 2014 team of “Artsinteza” has done research in the area of City Tuzla about the position of the Roma people, their socio-economic status, involvement in the educational system and  knowledge of their history, culture and tradition. From 02.12.2014 till 04.12.2014., team from “Artsinteza” and partners from Sweden, representatives of “Folkets Hus och Parker” and “Olof Palme International Center” organized a two-day workshop where the final version of the project was written, which should be implemented during in 2015.